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at golden gate park. >> literally 10 to 12 seconds that building will be a pile of rubble. >> tomorrow the east bay landmark will be no more. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> out of here! unbelievable! >> hi, everyone. good morning. it's friday, august 16. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. we're following several developing stories as you wake up. a new bombshell in the major league baseball doping scandal. "60 minutes" reports new york yankees third baseman alex rodriguez leak documents implicating a fellow teammate and another star player. rodriguez is appealing a suspension for using performance-enhancing drugs. and egypt bracing for more violence today. this is a live look at cairo. the "muslim brotherhood" has called for nationwide marches and a day of rage after wednesday's bloodshed. the government has authorized
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the use of deadly force against protestors. the connectedder ramp from southbound -- the connector ramp from southbound 680 to northbound 101 in san jose is back open. it was closed for five hours after a man crashed and jumped 20 feet off the overpass trying to escape police. he was hospitalized with major injuries. liza is monitoring a traffic alert now causing big problems in the east bay. >> michelle, northbound lanes of 680 remain shut down because of a big rig accident which was carrying 66,000 pounds of mail overturning and blocking lanes at andrade. some cars are able to pass in the center divider. but still very long delays reported for both northbound and southbound 680. the real headache is southbound 680 direction with traffic bumper-to-bumper beyond highway 84. they are waiting for a tow truck to clear it. it will be at least until 7:30
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before some lanes are opened on northbound 680 at the sunol grade. the rest of the commute, an accident in the clearing stages in martinez not in the commute direction but it is slowing down traffic eastbound highway 4 approaching center street. the westbound commute leaving antioch is going to be slow. and we have backups now on friday over at the bay bridge going to be jammed up in those outside lanes from about the end of the east parking lot. that's traffic. here's lawrence. starting out with a lot of clouds this morning along the can coastline with drizzle. it's very mild again today and muggy too. 67 degrees already in mountain view, 64 in livermore. and 66 degrees in redwood city. they still have clouds out there and it's thick enough that the drizzle continues into daly city and, well, south san francisco. we have also got a few high clouds surging up from the south and, well, that's also helping to ramp up some of the humidity outside. by the afternoon i think we are looking at mostly sunny skies away from the immediate coastline. these temperatures running right at average into san francisco but maybe slightly above inland into the 80s maybe
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some low 90s. changes expected over the weekend. 6:02. some developing news overnight. yankees third baseman alex rodriguez is now accused of turning on one of his own teammates accused of doping. cbs'60 minutes is revealing some new details that some of a- rod's closest associates may have released the names of other players in that doping scandal. marlie hall has details now from new york. >> reporter: "60 minutes" has learned members of alex rodriguez's inner circle linked documents linking -- leaked documents linking two other major league baseball ballplayers to baseball's doping investigation. in late january the miami new times published an article linking a-rod and several other major leaguers to this man, tony bosch owner of a south florida anti-aging clinic and reportedly the man who supplied performance-enhancing drugs to his all-star list of clients. but the paper left out two other names because it said it
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couldn't verify the players were clients at the clinic. now sources tell "60 minutes" some of rodriguez's inner circle obtained those names and leaked them to yahoo sports. >> he hits that one high and deep to left. >> reporter: yahoo then published a story claiming former mvp ryan braun and francisco cervelli were the unnamed players. braun would later admit to using peds and accept a 65- game suspension. cervelli and 11 other players agreed to 50-game bans. baseball saved the most severe suspension 211 games for rodriguez. it claims he not only used peds but he tried to obstruct mlb's investigation. rodriguez's attorney gave a statement to "60 minutes" denying his client had anything to do with leaking braun and cervelli's names to the press. marlie hall for cbs news, new york. >> leaking the names to the press is a violation of baseball's collective bargaining agreement. if mlb is able to tie rodriguez
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to that leak, it would seriously damage his chances of winning the appeal of his suspension. the on-again, off-again bay bridge september deadline is finally on but in order to get it open, the entire bridge has to close. the bridge will shut down at 8 p.m. august 28th and won't open until 5 a.m. on tuesday, september 3. kpix 5's anne makovec is showing us the closure that will make way for the opening of the new bay bridge. the countdown is on, anne. >> reporter: yeah. two weeks from today that span behind me will be closed so it can prepare for the big opening. we could be driving on it within 18 days if they get the work done earlier it could be on labor day itself. here's a look at the steel shims that will be installed around those 32 bolts that snapped back in march. that is the temporary fix which is making this opening possible. crews will then create newest bound lanes near the toll plaza connecting i-80 to the new
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span. and near yerba buena island they will be paving and striking to guide drivers off of the new roadway which the national highway traffic safety administration and two independent panels said yesterday is much safer than the old. >> the existing bridge is the one folks ought to be worried about, and that's the one they shouldn't go trusting. >> reporter: the new span is $5 billion over budget and 10 years late. but the end is in sight. we'll tell you what drivers think coming up in the next half hour. live on treasure island, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> bart plans to offer limited round the clock service from wednesday august 28 through labor day morning. in the next few days bart will announce more details including which stations will be open 24 hours. the golden gate and san francisco bay ferries will also add service. new this morning, a shooting in east oakland killed one woman and injured a man just after 11:30 last night. oakland police called to 100th avenue and pyramid street. they found a woman dead at the
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scene. a man taken to the hospital. so far police don't have any suspect information. family and friends will hold a memorial service this morning for a baby boy shot and killed in oakland one-year-old drew jackson killed last week after shots hit the house he was sleeping in. the boy's father also died. okayed police say this may have been a targeted shooting. no arrests have been made. oakland's "operation cease- fire" put eight suspected gang members behind bars on wednesday night. the chief said since the program began last september, the department has continued to grow and dedicate resources to ensure its success. "operation cease-fire" is based on a nationally recognized violence prevention program that has had success in big cities like chicago and boston. new video out of egypt shows protestors defying a nationwide curfew. in one case, people smashed a car. the curfew is part of a state of emergency established after
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deadly clashes between government forces and supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. live pictures show crowds marching in cairo. egypt is bracing for the possibility of more violence today. the "muslim brotherhood" is calling for nationwide marches in what's being called "a day of rage" over the recent deadly clashes. the u.n. security council met in new york last night and was briefed on the situation behind closed doors. >> there was a common desire underneath to stop violence and to advance national reconciliation. >> president obama condemned the violence but the u.s. is not ready to cut off $1.3 billion in aid to egypt most of which goes to the military. happening today, the person of interest in the death of that oakland woman is due in court. randy alana is designated as a high risk sex offender and is a former boyfriend. late sandra coke. today's -- boyfriend of the
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late sandra coke. today's court appearance is an unrelated parole violation. coke's body was found last week in vacaville several days after she vanished. her family is trying to raise 1$00,000 for her teenaged daughter. the community resource initiative is sponsoring the fundraiser. an east bay landmark will soon be reduced to rubble. how one building's downfall could be a step forward for science. >> another accusation against san diego mayor bob filner. why this great-grandmother says he is no role model. >> we are starting out with some mild conditions and muggy weather outside. what about the weekend forecast? we'll talk about that coming up. >> 680 remains shut down in the northbound direction on the sunol grade because of this morning's overturned big rig. alternates to the delays in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a great- grandmother is the latest woman to come forwara accuse bob fil system new details in the -- some new details in the sexual harassment case against san diego's mayor. a great-grandmother is the latest woman to accuse bob filner the mayor of making unwanted sexual advances. peggy shannon a 67-year-old volunteer city worker who assists senior citizens. >> mayor filner came bymy desk and asked me if he thought he could go eight hours in one night. i was shocked. >> since mid-july more than a dozen women have publicly identified themselves as targets of the 70-year-old mayor's advances. filner is scheduled to return to work next week after a three- week absence that included some therapy. earthquakes rocked new zealand this morning damaging homes destroying a bridge and sending people scrambling for cover. officer workers ducked under desks as a 6.8 earthquake hit south of the country's capital.
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pool water sloshed back and forth you can see here and homes were damaged. at least 6 strong aftershocks have followed the initial quake. happening today, it's the first day of classes for the elementary students in moore, oklahoma, where a tornado ripped their schools apart. surveillance cameras show the ef-5 twister in the town last may the site where plaza towers elementary once stood has become a memorial. students from there will be attending classes today in temporary buildings. 6:14. an east bay landmark is coming down in a big way over the weekend. warren hall at the cal state east bay set for implosion tomorrow. the 13-story building is now a shell of what it was. but before crews implode it, u.s. geological workers and volunteers are planning about 600 earthquake -- planting about 600 earthquake sensors near campus including a few at lee baker's house. >> i'll have a front row seat as far as information is gathered and i want to find out as much as i can about earthquakes. >> demolition crews say watching implosions is not a
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spectator sport and will keep people 1300 people back from the building. i'm sure it will be on video. the exploratorium plans to cut 80 positions roughly 18% of its staff. the "chronicle" says attendance at the museum is only about half of what was predicted when it moved to a waterfront location. >> it's a cool museum. >> you took your kids, right? >> i have not had a chance to get down there. but i love it. the old one was spectacular. >> you would think with all the racing and stuff going on in the city people would flock there. >> hopefully things will pick up for them. it's going to be pick up nicely for us today guys starting out on the warm side in many spots. the temperatures are something else well into the 60s now and muggy. by the afternoon, expecting plenty of sunshine after the clouds breakaway. and then some seasonal temperatures into saturday but i think as we get into sunday temperatures warm up. so we have some minor chains
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expected today. still it looks humid. but tomorrow that low begins to drag further to the coastline and that's going to ramp up the marine layer and that means cooler weather for saturday and then it looks like we'll warm up again as we head into sunday. how about this? our futurecast fog product showing you the clouds into the bay this morning then slowly making their way back toward the coastline. and by the afternoon, becoming mostly sunny except out toward the beaches. the mix of sun and clouds there. inside the bay you will find warm-to-hot temperatures. 90 degrees into morgan hill. 82 in san jose. about 78 in mountain view. and 74 degrees in hayward. east bay numbers 80s and some low 90s again. so a bit hot and muggy too. 74 degrees in oakland. 68 degrees expected in san francisco. and 20 degrees warmer at 88 in santa rosa. next couple of days, we are going to see those temperatures cooling down slightly for tomorrow. then warming back up on sunday and then after that the low pressure system comes through the bay area. that brings more clouds and cool us down through the mill of next week. let's check your roadways
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with liza battalones. >> it's quite the scene this morning for 680 northbound approaching andrade road on the sunol grade where we had the big rig carrying mail. 66,000 pounds of mail. big rig tow trucks have just arrived on scene but the chp says it will take at least another hour and a half for them to clear up this accident. so the bottom line, northbound 680 is closed, cars are only able to get by over in the center divider. the southbound commute direction that's stacked up solid from beyond highway 84. so how do you get around all this? take 880, avoid 680 entirely, out if you need to take 680 you can cut over niles canyon road and then get back on 680 from that point. we'll keep you updated and let you know once some of those northbound lanes of 680 reopen for you. it started off as a stalled car, now there's an accident behind the stall. bay bridge toll plaza you can see it right there in the middle of the screen. emergency crews are with it right now but it's been "friday light" so it hasn't done too much to delay some of the
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traffic leaving oakland heading into san francisco. we'll move on to the dublin interchange. westbound 580 has been trouble- free. a little bit of slowing approaching grant line but it breaks loose through the livermore valley again the big hotspot this morning still the sunol grade. custom car in texas turning heads and no wonder. there it is. john salazar said it took a year and a half to transform a corvette into a custom made creation he calls the bat car. salazar is hoping to turning all the attention towards a good cause too showing off the car at a benefit for cancer research over the weekend. event-goers will be able to take photos with the car and a wrapper will be held to give someone the opportunity for a ride in the bat car, a raffle will be held. >> i would support that. >> awesome. >> yeah. the dodgers may have a new good luck charm. but they don't smell too good. what's making dodger stadium stink? >> i'm kim coyle. the giants were one strike away from being swept in our
6:19 am
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northbound 680 still the big hot as to the. lanes remain shut down -- hotspot where lanes are shut down on the sunol grade. an overturned big rig shut lanes in both directions at andrade. details coming up. >> how about checking out the tomato festival this weekend? how colorful is that? downtown fairfield should be sunny, hot, 92 degrees. good morning, everyone. the a's jumped on the backs of two rookies to avoid being swept by the worst team in baseball. just over 16,000 flocked to the coliseum for the matinee. 1st inning, nate freiman slapped one down the line off bedard. two runs score to give the a's
6:23 am
a 3-0 lead. both of freiman's home runs have come against houston this season, make that three. a two-run shot to make it 5-0 oakland. a four-game hit for big nate, the first a's rookie to have one since ben grieve in 1998. another a's rookie was just as impressive. sonny gray struck out nine batters in eight shutout innings in his first start at the coliseum. he walks just one and allows four hits. the a's win 5-0 and move within a game and a half of the idle texas rangers. giants in d.c. down to their last strike down 3-1. hector sanchez picks a great time to hit his first home run of the season. believe me, the ball is gone. a three-run shot to put the giants ahead. they avoid being swept by the nationals and win it 4-3. tune in tonight for the 49ers and kansas city chiefs. the second preseason game. years. -- the second preseason game of the year. alex smith and chiefs you can see it on kpix 5 tonight at 5:00. and that's a look at sports.
6:24 am
play of the day, what do you know? it is a diving catch by one of our giants. brandon crawford with an impressive play this time robbing water's ron harper. your play of the day. the l-a team for the stench. it's actually these little itters. a posse of s something at dodger stadium stinks. and while most bay area baseball fans would blame the l.a. team for the stench, right, it's these little guys a posse of skunks moved into the stadium. ew! ushers have been trying to round them up during the game. some dodgers fans see them as a lucky charged for the team which went from last to first in the n.l. west. >> dodger dogs are good. maybe they are after a hot dog or two. 6:24. partying college students may want to put down their beer. the new policies that will have sonoma state students spending a lot more time at the library. >> fighting for a safe place to
6:25 am
play. why environmentalists and soccer fans are at odds over what to do with the beach chalet's soccer field. >> and paving striping and rerouting. a lot of work to be done before the new span of the bay bridge is open. we'll take a look at the plan next. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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no mercy -- for 2 men guilt gang you dehumanized her. >> she stopped being a human being to you. she became a thing. >> a judge has harsh words and no mercy for two men guilty of gang raping a 16-year-old girl the sentence they face. >> good morning, it's friday,
6:29 am
august 16. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is nearly 6:29. right now a mail truck crash causing a major backup on highway 680. liza has the latest. >> reporter: lanes are still shut down, frank and michelle. this is northbound 680 on the sunol grade approaching andrade. this mail truck dropping its load of mail overturning on northbound lanes of 680. lots of clean-up in progress. a big rig tow truck is on scene. some traffic is able to squeeze by if the center divide. but take a look at the southbound commute. slow from beyond sunol boulevard. continue to use alternates, niles canyon and 880 to get around some of those delays. i'll have more traffic in just a few minutes. new messages are showing up on traffic signs throughout the bay area and drivers are warned the bay bridge is shutting down for several days ahead of the new eastern span's opening. kpix 5's anne makovec with more on the closures that will lead to the much-anticipated opening of the new bridge.
6:30 am
finally, anne. >> reporter: yeah. once they pulled the trigger on the opening day yesterday, they have been working nonstop to make sure it goes off without a hitch. you can see the new span of the bay bridge -- [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> okay. we lost anne makovec. we'll check in with anne in just a little bit on everything that we're going to need to do to get that bay bridge back open, the new span. coming up at 6:45 we'll find out what's next for the new eastern [ speaking spanish ] our political insider -- our they eastern span of the bay bridge. our political insider phil matier will talk with randy rensselaer coming up. developing news out of egypt where protestors are defying a nationwide curfew. that curfew is part of the state of emergency established after deadly clashes between government forces and supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. let's take a live look at cairo right now. egypt is bracing for the possibility of more violence today. this is that live look there. the "muslim brotherhood" is calling for nationwide marches
6:31 am
in what's being called "a day of rage" over the recent deadly clashes. president obama condemned the egyptian government's crackdown on protestors and canceled a planned joint military exercise with egypt. >> our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back. >> one thing the u.s. will not do right now is cut off the $1.3 billion in aid to egypt which goes to the military. 6:31. today is the accused serial killer's last chance to convince a jury he is not guilty. that is this man, joseph naso, expected to deliver his closing argument this morning. he is accused of killing four women between the 1970ez and 1990s in northern california. 79-year-old is representing himself in court. if convicted, he faces the death penalty. two men who gang-raped a girl outside a richmond high school homecoming dance are going to prison for a long time. 22-year-old jose montano got slammed with a maximum sentence
6:32 am
of 33 years to life. 20-year-old marcelles peter got a sentence of 29 years to life. neither man showed emotion during the sentencing yesterday. montano apologized in court but the judge had a blunt reply. >> the shock is indescribable it's beyond shocking that a human being can dehumanize somebody to the extent that jane doe was that night. >> the judge said if she could she would sentence him to more years. both men will be about 50 years of age when they are eligible for parole. the firefight in the tahoe national forest is growing. and now cal fire is warning the poor air quality in nearby counties may last for two weeks. the american fire is burning about 17 miles northeast of foresthill in placer county. it's now burned more than 5,000 acres. firefighters say the deep forest and steep terrain make this fire a tough one to fight. more than 1,000 firefighters
6:33 am
are battling the flames and so far, it's 35% contained. let's get back to anne makovec now with more on the closure of the bay bridge just two weeks away. i think people are ready. >> reporter: yeah. where was i? i was showing you the new span of the bay bridge. it is right now shrouded in fog and two weeks from today, the old bay bridge is going to be shut down. crews are going to be frantically working on that new span behind me and we could be driving on it within a matter of 18 days. here's a rundown on what needs to be done before. that steel shims will be installed around the 32 bolts that snapped back in march. that's the temporary fix which is making this opening possible. crews will then create newest bound lanes near the toll plaza connecting i-80 to the new span. and near yerba buena island they will be paving and striping to guide drivers off the new roadway. here's what some drivers think. >> i think it's pretty cool.
6:34 am
look at it. it's a huge project. it's got all these challenging elements to it. i mean, it's a structural engineering marvel. >> the whole bridge will be shut down for five days to get the eastern span up and running. how are you going to deal with that? >> i'm okay with it. five days, though? that's tough. >> reporter: it is going to be tough. the new span by the way $5 billion over budget and 10 years late. buttoned is in sight. and -- but the end is in sight and that's a good thing according to the national highway traffic safety administration which spoke at the meeting yesterday where it was decided that the opening would be on labor day. a lot of concerns that the bridge we are currently driving on is simply not safe. >> anne, what about the saddle fix? >> reporter: yeah. that saddle is a permanent fix. that is going to be installed by december. there's why they were originally going to open -- not originally, the second plan was to open it in december. but that should be completed and that is when everything
6:35 am
will be officially as it should be to some extent on the new span of the bay bridge. [ laughter ] >> by the first of the year hope so. okay. anne makovec, live for us in treasure island, thanks. anne's live shot there, you could see the breeze picking up. >> flowing through her hair, yes, looking very nice outside right now, a little muggy, did you notice that, around the bay area? mild and humid. a nice start to your friday. our mount vaca cam looking good. you see a few of those high clouds drifting overhead. still some fog though as you make your way inside the bay and a little drizzle toward the coastline. i think most of that is going to lift again today and these temperatures, well, they are very mild to begin the day. 65 degrees already in san jose. 59 though in san francisco. and 64 degrees in livermore. as we look toward the afternoon, plenty of sunshine to be found in the south bay. you will see 80s and low 90s in morgan hill. looks like the east bay temperatures in the 80s maybe some low 90s, as well. inside the bay it will be cooler about 68 degrees in san
6:36 am
francisco. time now to check on traffic with liza battalones, the professional. >> thank you. good morning, everybody. watch out for the sunol grade. take alternates. we have had big problems this morning. an overturned mail truck carrying 66,000 pounds of mail spilled its load across all lanes of traffic. northbound 680 essentially shut down. we have traffic bumper-to- bumper from beyond the truck scales. the southbound direction also extremely slow from beyond sunol boulevard. your alternates, 880 niles canyon avoid it if you can. the rest of the commute is looking okay still "friday light" for the 880/237 interchange. southbound traffic fine from mission boulevard with no big delays approaching the interchange right here. that's a look at traffic. now the news. a battle over soccer fields going to courted. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us like in san francisco over the battle over real and fake turf. >> reporter: good morning, frank. the soccer fields behind me have been involved in lawsuits over the past few years.
6:37 am
and possibly that battle could end today. city hall has been tossing around the idea of putting in artificial turf in this soccer field for the past seven years and environmentalists have been fighting it since saying the material used for the turf is made up of rubber from old tires and that would be toxic. activists say the city should keep the regrass on the field and use the project money to improve other parks. >> san francisco built a lot of freeways that they regretted later on. there's a lot of political pressure for that. >> reporter: now those who want the turf say the soccer field's current conditions are dangerous. supporters say it gets too dark and the field is riddled with holes. now, that trial will start in just a few hours. it's expected to last 2 to 4 hours and we understand those few hours could end 7 years of back and forth battle. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> those against the new turf
6:38 am
say if they lose the court case today, they will appeal. time now is 6:37. the bay area housing market is looking up. the boom in sales happening now. >> and it looks like a teddy bear. the new cute furry mammal scientists have just discovered. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the early numbers here. so far, it's down. coming up we'll get an update from cbsmoneywatch reporter marlie hall. wishing you and your family a fun-filled summer. female narrator: the mattress price wars are o at sleep train. we challenged the manufacturers to offer even lower prices. now it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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happening in rohnert park. the city has a new emergency ordinance. it's in response to years of complaints about sonoma state university students, hold a college party crackdown in rohnert park. the city has an orderrians in response to years of complaints about sonoma state university students holding loud parties. the complaints include noise,
6:42 am
beer bottles, litter and vomit in yards and on cars. now any house that violates the ordinance will be banned from holding another party for 120 days. >> i just think it's a little overboard. actually a lot overboard. >> reporter: you like to party? >> uhm -- i like to have a good time. >> houses in violation also have to display a public nuisance notice or get a $100 fine. high school students in solano county will be able to take free college courses. solano community college will open up classes to high school freshmen. they get both high school and college credit. these are hypotension students who may not have a family history of going to college. the program also covers the cost of books. >> that saves money and we don't have to pay tuition to be here. they are covering it all with upgrades. >> these students will have to skip sports and other after- school programs but can end their high school with two years of college courses.
6:43 am
the bay area housing market is booming and satisfies haven't been this busy in eight years according to a report from dataquick. it says more than 9,000 homes and condos were sold last month in the bay area's nine counties. that's up 18% from june and it's the highest figure we have seen since july 2005. the median sale price $562,000. compared to the southern california median of 385,000. in business news, live from new york, it's marlie hall from on a friday. good morning. reporter: good morning. dismal forecasts at retailers like walmart and macy's are -- like walmart and macy's are raising doubts that consumers will spend enough in the coming months to give the economy a boost. average weekly paychecks have grown just 1.3% since the recession ended more than four years ago. analysts say that's why many americans may be postponing purchases at department stores so they can buy cars, homes and other costly items.
6:44 am
investors got good news this morning about the housing market. home building rose 6% in july reversing a drop the previous month. and the labor department reports worker productivity was up a modest .9% last quarter. the dow is down 16 points. the labor department said on thursday the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits dropped by 15,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 320,000. that's the smallest number in almost six years. however, hiring remains sluggish resulting in only modest job growth. a bankruptcy judge has delayed approving a reorganization plan for american airlines. approval would have been the last hurdle for american airlines to clear and to emerge from bankruptcy. it also would have allowed the airline to merge with u.s. airways. but in a surprise move on tuesday, the justice department sued to stop the deal saying it would hurt competition and drive airfares higher. and facebook wants to give paypal a run for its money.
6:45 am
the social networking site is testing a new product that would let you make purchases on your mobile device with credit card information already stored on your facebook account. the company says the move would make it even easier to shop with your hand-held device. frank, michelle? >> so what do you think, could that be real competition for paypal? >> so could that be real competition for san jose-based paypal? >> reporter: well, facebook says they won't be taking any business away from paypal. according to the social networking site, the new service is just a way to help their app partners provide a simpler commerce experience just another reason to get on facebook. >> all right. marlie hall, have a great weekend. 6:45. back here in the bay area, time for a little weather and the weekend is here. >> are we getting ready for weekend? >> hello! >> i think it's friday. >> it is! it's going to be a nice day ahead. we are going to see a lot of sunshine but starting out with some low clouds and fog approaching the coastline even a little bit of drizzle. the temperatures are running
6:46 am
very mild and it's muggy again to start the day. numbers mainly in the 60s now. but humidity is running way up. afternoon sunshine for most of us and still a bit on the muggy side, then some seasonal temperatures as we slide into saturday. still looks like just minor changes in the forecast for today but eventually this low begins to drop down closer to the bay area. that will bring with it some cooler weather into saturday, maybe a few more clouds too. then it's going to drag further to the south wind direction is going to switch for sunday and the temperatures are going to actually warm up. now, we're looking at some delays at sfo this morning on arriving flights to an hour right now. expecting things to clear out nicely by the afternoon, about 70 degrees. if you are headed around the country not too bad weather- wise. it's going to be hot in hughes at 100. 91 and partly cloudy in denver. 77 and sunny in chicago. and 84 degrees and sun and bright in new york. looks like around the bay today we'll find plenty of sunshine this afternoon, warm to hot temperatures in the south bay with 80s and low 90s. 80s and low 90s also in the east bay. and then inside the bay we'll
6:47 am
see some 60s and some 70s. and over the next couple of days, those temperatures are going to warm up again on sunday before that cooldown continues into monday and tuesday. all right. let's check the roads now with liza battalones. >> there are so many frustrated commuters who have been stuck on the sunol grade in excess of an hour now. that's where we have had this big accident involved an overturned mail truck spilling its load of mail, 66,000 pounds of mail across lanes of northbound 680 approaching andrade. traffic bumper to bumper northbound 680 beyond the truck scales southbound 680 stacked up solid from beyond sunol boulevard. avoid the sunol grade. take 880 or niles canyon instead. and heading towards the silicon valley, several hundred to several thousand bikers -- cyclists are expected to hit the streets tonight beginning around 8:00 for the annual san jose bike ride. it's going to start off in mountain view, make its way through sunnyvale towards stanford university. some streets which are expected to be delayed include middlefield and oregon expressway but that's later
6:48 am
tonight. just a heads up if you plan to spent your night out in the silicon valley mass transit- wise, we're in good shape. no delays all morning long for the bart system. the ace train or caltrain on time. still "friday light" at the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound traffic is fine at the pay gates. highway 92 looking good across the san mateo bridge. some drivers crossing the golden gate bridge are unfairly being accused as toll evaders. but it's a processing backlog that's actually the big problem. automated tolls started three months ago on the bridge. drivers are finding their $6 toll payments are being cashed but not accounted for. so they keep getting bills in the mail. >> we paid $37 to cross the bridge one time. >> you can get online and look up your tags and they cash the checks quickly but don't acknowledge your payment. >> turns out there's a long delay in the new building system and it's set up to automatically send out toll violations when the toll isn't paid. so what the delay in processing
6:49 am
payments, came all those extra bills. temporary workers are now addressing the backlog of payments. after months of safety questions and 11 years of construction, we finally have an opening day set for the new bay bridge. cars will start using it on september 3. phil matier is live in san francisco with mtc representative. there's been a lot of back and forth. looks like this is really going to happen. >> reporter: is this really, really going to happen? look her in the eye and tell her the truth. is this going to open in september? >> after lots of up and downs this is really going to happen on labor day and it's the right decision to make. it took a while to get there but we did get there. >> reporter: the public is one thing to pay $6 billion for the bridge but it was another thing wyler' pay $6 billion to have this roller coaster we're on, off, we're working, not working, the bolts are snapping, we're going to fix it, not fix it. >> when you paid $6 billion for
6:50 am
a project you want it done right and on time. this project had neither of those things. but the new bridge is so much better and safer than the old bridge, even though we have problems let's open it and that's what happened. >> reporter: why the back and forth? just a couple of weeks ago you remember we were reporting caltrans and mtc says labor day no way they take it off the table. boom just like that it's back on the table. the public doesn't feel too confident with that. >> look, and well they shouldn't, as well. but let's be clear about why that decision was made. at first, it was we're not going to open it until it's completed. over the summertime we have a lot of engineers together that said, look, this bridge is in very good condition much better than the old bridge. let's do this interim retrofit. it's going to be safe. let's open it that's the right decision. >> reporter: when is the temporary fi going in? >> yesterday or today. i don't know for sure. the retrofit on the broken bolts will be december. >> reporter: but this fix to
6:51 am
open the bridge has already been done? >> i believe so. >> reporter: it's being done right now? >> i don't know. i heard that yesterday they were out there mobilized. i don't believe if they had the time to install it. it's a simple instaician la. just keep that in mind, it's a simple installation. once they decide to do it, it's fast. >> reporter: you have been on this bridge since day one? >> i have. >> reporter: when you first started on this bridge what was the estimated cost to fix? >> we talked the bay bridge when it first the -- original cost to retrofit it in place was $200 million. >> reporter: it wound up costing $6 billion after we got a new bridge. >> that's just for the eastern span. remember it was a lot more for the western suspension portion plus the western approach. that was about $1 billion, as well. >> reporter: so we're talking $7 billion. >> for the whole span across. but let's keep this clear. back in early 1990s, people simply didn't know. and now we know. >> reporter: i'm not sure we know yet. >> i'm just curious, phil, how long are we going to stare at the old bay bridge and what's the process going to be like
6:52 am
taking that baby down? >> that's a good question. 2016 we were hoping it's completely done but let's understand what that means. it means down to the mud line. >> reporter: are you going to blow it up? >> no, dismantled in place just like the old carquinez bridge. >> reporter: when do you start dismantling it? >> the two contracts have already been let to do it. i don't know when they start. i just don't know right now. it's probably in a couple of months. >> reporter: are we going to have a celebration? >> i don't know. i don't know what we're going to do. i'd like to get people out on the bridge. let get one bridge working before the other one comes down. >> reporter: i was going to say, i'll give you something to watch as you're backed up on the bay bridge as usual. >> absolutely. >> you can see the other one go down. >> gawker jam right there. >> thank you. it wasn't hard to figure out that the african lion was not at a chinese zoo. it was barking. it had substituted a dog instead. another was labeled a wolf and was a white fox labeled a
6:53 am
leopard. the zoo says it has a lion but it has a breeding facility and the dog was just kept in its enclosure for safety reasons. >> hm. >> okay. scientists at the smithsonian in washington have discovered a new species of mammal. this cute fury animal is an olinguito. it's considered a small member of the raccoon family. it lives in the treetops of the andes mountains. the olinguito is the first mammal carnivore species to be newly identified in the americas in 35 years. cute. >> is kind of cute. it is 6:53 a new twist in the major league baseball doping scandal. yankees slugger alex rodriguez in more hot water. what's been uncovered and how he is accused of snitching on some of his fellow players. what is performance? 0 to 60? or 60 to 0? [ tires screech ] how a car performs in a quarter-mile? [ engine revs ] or a quarter-century? is performance about the joy of driving?
6:54 am
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6:57 am
good morning, everybody. delays continue for northbound 680 approaching the sunol grade an accident blocking lanes approaching andrade. take your alternates including the ace train which is on schedule this morning. no delays for the bart system. the bay bridge commute leaving oakland heading into san francisco is wide open at the pay gates. still "friday light" there. and no problems to report to you for the golden gate but it has been very foggy. >> i love that ace train. boy, we have that fog outside, as well. [ laughter ] >> nice and clear as you head inland. we are going to see a great day ahead. a nice friday. the temperatures now very mild into the 60s in many spots. but by the afternoon, 80s couple of low 90s inland. 70s and 80s inside the bay. 60s at the coast. cooling down slightly on saturday. but on sunday, we heat right back up before cooling back down again. >> reporter: i'm anne makovec live near the new span of the
6:58 am
bay bridge. two weeks from today the whole bridge is going to be closed down crews working to open it. we are going to be driving on it within a matter of 18 days. right after that decision was made yesterday, these signs went up warning of the closure from 8 p.m. on august 28th to september 3rd. that morning. here's a look at the steel shims to be installed around those 32 bolts that snapped back in march. that is the temporary fix which is making this opening possible. crews will then create newest bound lanes near the toll plaza connecting i-80 to the new span near yerba buena island they will be paving and striping to guide drivers off of the new roadway. in the meantime they are going tosh working on installing that -- they are going to be working on installing the saddle, the permanent fix, should be in by december and they will be also demolishing the old bridge. that should be out of here by 2015. live on treasure island, anne makovec, kpix 5.
6:59 am
cbs's "60 minutes" has learned alex rodriguez implicated fellow teammates in the major league baseball doping scandal. members of a-rod's inner circle accused of leaking documents to yahoo sports back in february. those documents em ply indicated milwaukee brewers slugger ryan braun as well as his own yankee team march catcher francisco cervelli. a-rod's lawyer denied the allegations. violent protests happening right now in egypt. 17 people have been killed as supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi protest today it. the muslim brother has called for marches and rallies today. more than 600 people were killed when government forces broke up a sit-in camp occupied by morsi supporters two days ago. and a big thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is 7:26. but we have a big thank you, right? >> yes, we do. our 6 a.m. producer kristin is moving on so we are saying good-bye and good luck. >> she can sleep in. >> enjoy, kristin. >> have a great day. captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, august 16th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." major developments in the baseball doping scandal. "60 minutes" confirms yankees star alex rodriguez leaked information to implicate other players. new deadly clashes in egypt this morning. protesters declare a day of rage. a new report says the nsa broke privacy rules thousands of times a year. and meet the woman who could become the nfl's first full-time female official. first, this week's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> you can really feel the tension, the stage is set for more clashes, for more violence. >> egypt braces for

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